Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Breakin for SpRiNg :)

Last week was my spring break! OH how I needed....I'm talking DESPERATELY....that break! A few school systems around gave up their spring breaks this year due to an excessive amount of snow days. We however did not! We are going to school until June 15th...but that's just 38 short school days (sorta) from now. I can almost smell the sunscreen and see the lightning bugs!!

So what did we do with my week off?
Not much and it was PERFECT!

My hubs & celebrated our 6th anniversary....with, well, no celebration just's been postponed (but we're certain we'll get around to it!)

The kids and I had porch picnics most days....

We went to visit with my gran & my cousin & her babies...

& ate PUSH-UPS!

We saw my sweet niece & her due-any-day mama (in the mirror)...

Then we went to the lake! For 3 whole days! Just the 4 of us! It was BLISS!

Complete B*L*I*S*S

**Awesome CREATIVITY for KIDS GIVEAWAY coming tomorrow!! :)

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  1. Hey Heidi,

    I entered your giveaway (I'm sure you know though). Thanks for reading my blog and entering my giveaways. Thanks for the link love too!! I am so happy for you with your first giveaway. I hope you get a lot of entries. Try to put it on as many linkys as you can and let everyone over at MBC know about it too! This can get you so much trafic that you may get offeres from other companies to do more giveaways!!!

    I hope everything is going good around your house! Have a great weekend!!