Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 so far....

It's the 10th day of the new year and what a year it's been already!

  • On the 1st, I ended up taking Luci Ann to Urgent Care after my friend who used to work in a pediatric office heard her wretched cough! (She was given some sort of steroid and the cough was gone completely in 2 days. :))
  • On the 4th, school started back on a 2 hour delay, which meant no morning duty for me (woo-hoo!) and I started feeling like CRAP!!
  • On the 5th, we had an optional teacher workday because it snowed again and I opted not to go for 2 reasons, I wanted to spend the day with my baby girl (Eli had preschool) and I felt like CRAP! I literally only took my pj pants off to take Eli to school, then to go back and get him. I laid on the couch ALL DAY LONG! I've never hurt so bad in my life (I'm talking whole body hurt!!!!)
  • On the 6th, I woke up at 1 am pouring with sweat and feeling MUCH better! (Sorry I know that's gross, but I was THRILLED! It sucks to hurt like that!)
  • Also on the 6th, we had another 2 hour delay and had our American Revolutionary Christmas at school (one of my favorite days!) and my students did an AWESOME job in their Living Museum of American Revolutionary Heroes.
  • On the 7th, we went to school on a regular schedule...but then dismissed at 1pm due to pending snow (or maybe it really was snowing somewhere in the county, just not where I was.)
  • On the 8th, we had another optional workday, which of course, I opted out of! (What kinda slack teacher am I?) The kids and I met some friends at the McDonalds Playland for lunch and play!! That evening I stayed with my dear sweet Gran who fed me Hardees hamburgers (yum!) and gravy & biscuits, eggs & bacon in the morning (double yum!)
  • On the 9th, I came home to no water due to frozen pipes! Fun times. My handy husband figured out the problem and we made it to our movie date on time (well we missed dinner, but made the movie!)

**Throughout the last 1o days, 3 people have passed away that I was either related to or was close friends to a relative of theirs, one of my dear former student's father's took a horrible turn for the worst in his battle with lung cancer, and my husband and I have been at odds....what a FANTASTIC start to a new year! Well at least it can only go up from here right? :)

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  1. I'm sorry to hear you had so many bad days this early in the year. Things will only look better from now on.

    I wanted to know if you got your kit in. If not let me know. I will contact the company.

    I hope the rest of your year is GREAT!!!