Friday, December 25, 2009

Nothing Could Be Finer...

...than to watch my children's eyes light up as they see that tree on Christmas morning! LOVE IT! Eli really got into the whole "Santa" thing this year and it was great! He's a question man so he had a million questions each day about the big guy and his reindeer and sleigh and the North Pole and EVERYTHING! The snow only added to the excitement too!
Lu could care less really, she just loves to laugh and do whatever her big brother is doing...did I mention she's an easy baby? She may kill me once she hits 10 but right now she's a dream...except for the sleeping thing....every morning about 3 she's up and hollerin, not crying, not screaming, HOLLERIN at the TOP of her lungs! Fun times. And every single night we give in and give her a bottle, nine times out of ten a milk bottle (as opposed to the water which the doctor recommended cause she HATES the water!) I know...she shouldn't have a bottle anymore, especially not a milk bottle in the middle of the night....ALL her teeth will ROT out! Got it. Loud and clear. You know what though? You do what you gotta do to sleep and get through.
Anyway, not the point of this post! This Christmas was AWESOME! We enjoyed PRECIOUS family time and soaked up every moment with our babies. Can't believe Eli's already 4. This was his 4th Christmas. The excitement in his voice as we got cookies, milk, carrots and reindeer dust ready last night made me giddy with excitement too! That unwavering faith in Santa and in us, his parents, to guide him, warms my soul. That's what this season is really about. The hope that it brings. The hope that a tiny baby brought into the world more than 2000 years ago. I've thought a lot this year about how Mary and Joseph must have felt and WOW! I can't fathom it really. I just imagine that they were so completely humbled and frightened. Because even when I know I'm doing exactly what the Lord wants me to do, I'm still often scared out of my whits! That makes it all the more awesome though because it just proves they had the uttmost faith in their God. Oh to have a tiny bit of that.
I hope you've had a marvelous day! I hope you've had a child to share this special time with because it means SO much more to share it with them. I pray that the Lord has blessed you with a reminder of the purpose of this amazing day. I pray that you've seen hope lived out lately.
May God Bless You and Yours! MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  1. I am so glad you had a great Christmas! It sounds like you and your family are a happy loving bunch! God has blessed you!!

    I would be happy to get you more info on how you can host your own House Party, but I need your email. I can't find it on your profile.

    You should be getting your Creativity for Kids Kit soon. They told me they would be mailing it out last week some time.

  2. Adorable family!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please e-mail me at to talk more about a blog makeover. :) Happy New Year!