Thursday, July 11, 2013

this old house

Chris bought our house before we got married. I feel certain that he had no idea what this house would hold. When I walked into it almost 10 years ago, I know I didn't. I wish I had a picture of what it looked like to begin with. Just since I moved in, we have painted, changed the carpet, remodeled the kitchen, painted, remodeled the sunroom, changed the carpet, finished the laundry room, had numerous heat sources, added a bathroom and walk in closet, painted, remodeled the sunroom, changed the carpet, added a deck and painted. (Paint colors---not my thing. Nor Luci's.) Oh and the walk...don't even get me started on the walk.

We've become a family here. We came home as newlyweds here, praying our brothers didn't prank us. We decorated together...carefully at first. Not so much now.

To say we've learned a lot in this house, is an understatement of the greatest kind. Far less dinners are thrown away these days. Chris has given up the pipe dream that I'm going to mow, he'd rather me be able to breathe. As for stoking the fire in our cellar/basement in the middle of the night in January or ever really....hahaha, bless him. Two of three kids are out of diapers. Who am I kidding? Potty training was the easy part! The fact that they're all alive blows my mind some days!! With two in school this fall, I sometimes just shake my head in amazement.

We've become a family here. We've brought 3 tiny humans home from the hospital here. We've boiled bottles and wiped up puke. We've nursed fevers and prayed over a little one who wouldn't gain weight.

I know every creak and groan in these floors. I know when to put out the mouse traps because it's getting cooler and while I will never welcome rodents into my house, I've learned that they will always come. I know when it's time to clean out the dryer hose (or tell Chris too.) I know when a heavy rain comes to be sure to check on the yard because it doesn't take much to wash it all away.

We've hosted birthday parties, cookouts, pizza dinners, youth nights, and graduation celebrations. Good friends have shown up with pizza and conversation when we didn't even know we needed it. We've roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and listened to boys camp out much to our neighbors chagrin.

We've become a family here. These walls have heard arguments and slammed doors. The floors have caught our tears and felt jumps of joy. There have been quite a few "wootwoots!" within these walls.

I know this is just a house, and one that I have often cursed over the years, but I am going to miss it terribly.

God has blessed us so much here. And while part of me is terrified about what comes next, a bigger part of me is just in awe of watching God's plan for us. His plan for our family. Our home. Our lives.

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