Friday, June 21, 2013


We got an offer on our house. A legitimate offer. Holy cow! We got an offer!
So we celebrated with 1/2 price Sonic shakes, because...why not? (And we got an offer--we didn't win the lottery!){{Of course a million things could go wrong and this could all fall apart....but c'mon, you have to celebrate the small stuff right?}}. Listing 3 times in 9 years, lots of sweat and tears put into remodeling project after offer of any kind must be celebrated. Right?

We're headed home from our Texas adventure tomorrow.  A week early (not because of the offer....because the job is done...what's that? You see God's hand in the timing...yeah me too.) So on our 15+ hour drive home, amidst my prayers for safety, the quiet hum of my children as they all three sleep peacefully (ha ha), & trying not to eat my way through three states, I'll be searching for a place for us to go. A place for us to call home before the next job in Baltimore.  The one we're scheduled to leave for right before we close on the house. Like 4 days before. Holy cow.

In mid-May Chris and I jokingly said this was going to be an adventurous summer.. little did we know!  {We also jokingly said we could always move into my classroom if we had too...not too funny now!}

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