Thursday, February 7, 2013


nearing the end of a long hard week.  a week full of crazy.  straight up dad's outta town, mama's gotta go outta town, calling in the friends and grandparents, packing,  basketball tournament games, dance class, new teeth. just plain crazy. and in all of that....come the doubts.

is it enough? am i doing enough? i don't mean in actual quantity of things, cause i'm dang sure there's enough things.  i mean, am i doing it well enough to matter.

i was blessed with the opportunity to travel with a few colleagues to hear my principal speak to our state school board about how awesome our school is (we won this award...yeah it's kinda a big deal).  i got to stay in a hotel. with friends.  {that of course means i got to arrange for my kids to be taken care of while i was gone.  and well, we all know what sort of logistical crazy that means.}

but it was awesome. 

awesome to stand in front of my state's school board and hear my boss explain that despite the challenges that our students face....they are still teachable.  they have issues (who doesn't?) but we don't take their excuses.  we meet them where they are and love them in spite of their bag of tricks.  for 6 years we love them to pieces.  we cheer for them and cry over them.  we fall on our faces before our Father and worry over them.  we push them and challenge them and lose sleep because of them.  we tell them that they are worth it.  that they are enough.  we don't let them lose it over tiny things.  we teach them to read, add, subtract, multiply, and divide.  we take them 8 hours from home to see the nation's capitol.  we take them to the bookstore and shopping for their families.  we give them food bags and take them to the dentist.  we hold their hands when bad things happen and convince them that there's still good in the world.  bottom line....we love them.  we love them as we want our own to be loved. 

i am thankful for my job.  it's challenging and tiring and often underappreciated.  i know in my heart that we matter.  that the day to day does make a difference.  i know that they know i love them and that above all else, that's what matters most.  but it felt good to be recognized today.  to hear someone say, well done. 

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  1. This parent appreciates what you do, even tho it's not my kid you're teaching :)