Saturday, March 3, 2012

lots going on

There are lots of big changes going on around here these days.

Chris started a new job and is still doing his old job...which makes for interesting days of earlier & later hours and more stress rather than less...which is of course the ultimate goal.

We're car shopping....ugh. Fun and notfunatall all in the same.

We're having a baby in 10 weeks. (Ask me how ready we are for that? hahahahaha) You don't even want to see my to do list to get ready....

Today I looked at a dog for Eli. Cause he's DYING to get one. Every stinking kid in his class has brought their pet in for show & tell on leader day. (Including a girl with a sheep in a diaper.) And no we don't have to keep up with everyone...but you should his sad, pitiful eyes. Breaks my heart.

On a better note....I think...we decided to take our house off the market for a little while. Cause let's face it, the chaos of a new job and my current job and kindergarten and preschool and a new baby and a new car and possibly a dog....yeah that's MORE than enough for ANYONE...let alone trying to keep our house show ready everysingleminute.

Here are some things I've learned these past few weeks:

  • paper plates are terrible for the environment, but keep me from straight up insanity on a day when I've worked my tail off and Daddy's working late again

  • day old hair stays in an updo much better than clean hair

  • beds do NOT have to be made and life will still go on

  • no snow days is not ALL bad when it means a longer summer break

  • mommy melt downs are not the end of the world and pancakes make lots of things better

  • kids feel it's best to just roll with it and go through the drive thru than to take out my ican'tdoitall frustrations on my darlings

  • bribes can work wonders

Here's to blessings in the day to day and being thankful for the more challenging times!

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