Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Confessions

It is beautiful here today and I have thoroughly enjoyed this lazy day of cleaning, sewing, and hanging out with my family. After a crazybusy week with terrible storms (although not near as bad as those that hit a little east of us....thank you gorgeous mountains).

I'm linking up again with Melissa this week and look, she made a fancy new button just for confessing!

fancy, huh?

Here we go:

1. I did a diet thing with some friends right before Christmas and lost 9 pounds. I have since gained 6 back and that makes me wanna puke. The worst part is that I know EXACTLY what to do to get it back off...I'm just lazy and full of crappy excuses.

2. Chris and I are going out of town next weekend for a late anniversary trip and I cannot wait! I love down time with my hus!

3. I usually load and unload my dishwasher every day but until this morning dishes had not been touched since Wednesday. (Yeah, they were pretty gross.)

4. I cannot stand to not have my toenails painted. They are painted year round even though no one sees them in the winter. :)

Have a wonderful Saturday!

1 comment:

  1. my toenails are the only thing i'll paint. i don't like my fingernails painted.