Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend Chaos :)

Hola kiddos! It has been cah-razy around here this weekend! Chris worked 2 graveyard shifts, I went through 14 million(-ish) boxes of clothes which in turn meant I had to go through closets & dressers and then clean like a maniac afterwards because the aftermath was INSANE! Yesterday we did two egg hunts, a family lunch and then spent a while relaxing with some friends at a new (to us) park. Today I single-parented sunrise service, bfast at church and Sunday School (which landed me singing with the youth group---not sure how). After a quick pb&j lunch and short naps we piled into the car to go hang out with more fam which ended with my sister pulling 3 kids up the road a half-a-mile-ish in a wagon (sending my brother & I, along with our spouses, into fits of uncontrollable laughter)---yeah you really had to be there!

ANYway...I say all this to say that I love you and I haven't forgotten you! I will be back to announce the shop credit winner tomorrow!!!!

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