Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Duh Mom

Lu and I were in the kitchen this evening putting up groceries when I looked down to see this:

One sock.
(Be still my OCD heart!)
Here's how it went down:
me: Lu, where's your other sock?
Lu: It dot wet.
me: well why didn't you just take them both off?
Lu: tause dis one's not wet.
Duh Mom.
(She didn't say it, but I swear I heard it.)
I love her independent-I'm-doing-what-I-want-my-way-nature, but...
I think she's going to turn twelve tomorrow and we're never going to agree again.


  1. So cute!!! My son thinks his socks go wherever he takes them off. I make him pick them up and put them in his laundry basket. Then (b/c of my ocd) I go and turn them right side out again before washing them.

    I hope you found her wet sock!

  2. I just love her! I know I say it all the time but I do!!