Monday, November 22, 2010

Shutterfly--Bloggers get 50 FREE Holiday Cards!!

I love CHRISTMAS cards! Love them!
I come from a semi-large family and it's sometimes hard to keep up with them. But I know I can always look for a Christmas card from them with their precious children.
{And of course I love sending them a recent pic of my babies? }
My favorite Christmas card ever was the one we sent when Eli was 3 and Luci was just 4 months old. We sat the kids in front of our Christmas tree and rushed to click away as fast as we could. About an hour later, with two cranky kiddos, I had uploaded the picture to Shutterfly, picked out the perfect card, and had our prints being delivered before the end of the week.
It took me all of 10 minutes to find the perfect card, drop the picture in and have them shipped to my house.
{Did I mention that I had a 4-month-old at the time?? SIMPLICITY was a necessity!!}
Easy. As. Pie.
I love that I can upload pictures to Shutterfly and not have to worry about losing them all when my computer decides to throw in the chips on me. I love that I can share my photos with my family and friends through Shutterfly.
And I that I can get the cutest gifts complete with my darlings' faces quickly and cost efficiently!
When Eli was 2, I made Chris a photo book for Father's Day and he LOVED it!
He keeps it on his desk and says that it's the best gift he's ever received.
(Now I'm getting requests for another one with Lu in it.)
I love that I was able to add my own captions, quotations and verses and make it truly personal.
Another fav, the crazy cool calendars I can get right on the Shutterfly site! For a few years now I've made my parents each a calendar for Christmas. This year I have NO time for the usual paper, sticker, calendar book thing that I've done in the I will DEFINITELY be logging on to quickly drop in my favorite pics and print the perfect calendar for both of my parents!
{I love that you can now customize the dates!!}
Now you know where I'll be doing most of my Christmas shopping!!
Happy Thanksgiving & let the SALES begin!!

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