Monday, August 23, 2010

It Takes an Army...

not a ARMY. Days like this usually make me want to pull my hair out and scream. But for some reason I'm just rolling with it today. I had to be at school SUPER early for my 1st day of morning duty (7:15---but I got there at 7). I had students straight through until 1:45, then again at 2:30 till just after 3. A long staff meeting till 5ish. Since my hubs is working nights lately, I had to get my dad to come out (a 45 drive from his house) & pick up my kids....Lu from the sitter & Eli from preschool. Got a message at 2 that Dad had to be at an open house at 6 so he was going to drop the kids off at my stepmom's bank around 5. So after a quick stop at my house to ditch the shoes that were KILLING me (I have LIVED in flip flops for 2 mths and now real shoes just aren't cutting it!) I set out to get my babies who were about 30 min away at my stepmom's bank eating chicken nuggets & watching A Bug's Life. Happy as little clams. Since I was already in town & they had already eaten....we headed to Target (I really need no reason at all to head to Target.) On the way home we stopped to see a friend's new baby....precious....who finally decided to take a bottle (love her mama's heart.) I must admit that I let them run a bit wild in Target...didn't even strap them in the buggy...and I managed to stay calm until Eli m.e.l.t.e.d. D.O.W.N. when I told him he had to go to bed. So I took away his pillow pet & let him cry. He's now sleeping peacefully, sans pillow pet (maybe this will be the end of the "I'm waiting till Daddy gets home to tuck me in! meltdowns" ---I sure hope so)

So anyway, if there's anything that having children has taught me it's that we CANNOT do this alone. We desperately need our support system of friends and family. We could NOT raise these kids alone. It's days like this that I'm so very thankful that God has surrounded us (& our kids) with these precious soldiers to do life with.

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  1. God must be pushing me here. I've been thinking about this a lot today, then the last 2 blogs i've visited tonight are talking about it. we really aren't meant to do it alone, are we?
    glad you have great support!