Monday, November 30, 2009

Too Many Friends???

I spent Friday with two of my dearest friends duking it out in the aisles of the Black Friday craziness. We shopped till we could shop no more and I LOVED it!!! To be perfectly honest, I was a bit worried about how these two friends would be around each other. Don't get me wrong, they're both great girls, LOVE them to PIECES! But they're friends of mine from different periods of my life. (Not that friends fit into certain periods of life, just that I met them at different points in my life.) These two are VERY different people. I love them both so much and wanted them to love each other. They got along great, but I don't think they'll be bosom buddies or anything anytime soon. (I think part of the getting along was because they love me, not each other.)
All of this friend time got me thinking though. (That and that one of these friends commented on how many friends I odd comment to me.) The Lord has blessed me with quite a few friends. When I look back over my life I can always think of a friend who was there with me throughout the tumultuous times and the best times. I don't think those times would have seemed so good or so worth getting through without those friends. And now, even though I don't talk to these friends on a daily basis, I still consider them my friends. Some I haven't talked to in years now, but I still consider them my friends. I cherish those memories of friends. I cherish the friends I have today.

So what do you think...can you have too many friends? Do you have friends that you consider friends even though you haven't talked to them in awhile? How do you keep up with friends despite the craziness of life?

Check out Whitney's blog for a cool Friendship Project, Food for thought. :)

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