Monday, November 9, 2009

Fresh Water Days

As I got in my car after school I glanced around to see empty Caprisun pouches. Wow, if the 2 car seats in the back weren't a dead give away...the sheer number of Caprison pouches (or "fresh waters" as they're known at my house) would be evidence enough that two little ones run my life! Instead of the usual guilt or overwhelming sense of being behind in EVERY aspect of my life...I felt sad. Cause I know that one day my car will be immaculately clean. One day I'll be able to leave school and head straight to the gym instead of driving all the way around the county to pick up Eli & Lu. One day I'll come home and be able to sit down and check my DVR and actually catch up on the million shows I've recorded. One day I'll be able to nap on the BIG couch again instead of all folded up on the love seat. One day I'll sleep soundly every night without waking to a crying baby. One day I won't have to get up at the crack of dawn to pack lunches and make breakfasts and organize bags for 3 people to face the day. One day my babies will be grown and this day of fussing and fighting at the babysitters will be long behind us. One day...
It's days like today that I dread "one day" and am thankful for the fresh waters all over my car.

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